Alternative Browser : Duck Duck Go

Almost all of the Search engine, store the user data and IP address but Duck Duck Go will not store it at all. This information can influences the search results and sometimes the search engine give you advertisment, but Duck Duck Go will delete that data information.

At Duck Duck Go no cookies are used by default and they do not work with any affiliate program. Feedback at Duck Duck Go can also be given anonymous name and the your email is optional option. This privacy search engine also allows searching via its SSL website and lots of customization options.

Duck Duck Go pulls results from Microsoft’s Bing and Google search APIs, a lot of what you’re getting are results you could find on those search engines. The advantage use this search engine is your privacy keep safe while searching in the Internet. Duck Duck Go also has its own web crawler and web index.

Bored with Google, Bing, Yahoo? Use Duck Duck Go!

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